Monday, January 07, 2008

Git 'er done! FO's & Baby Talk

Finally! the Noro project is finished, blocked and waiting for wearage! I plan to wear it now with a long sleeved tee as the belly would be dripping underneath. DH says that's how they do in Hollywood, but we ain't in Hollywood! It looks much cuter on me than my mannequin.



THE YARN: I loved the feel of the Noro Kureyon as I was knitting it. I was surprised by the little bits of vegetation still in the yarn as this was my first experience with it. I used 7 balls to make this top.

THE PATTERN: The pattern is my own but I used a cable pattern from a Melissa Leapman top. It was a good practice of the celtic cables I had learned from STITCHES last yr. I knitted this in the round up to the armholes.

WHAT WOULD I DO DIFFERENTLY: I probably would knit this flat so that the stripes would be broader.

I sewed the sleeve on wrong 3 times! The last time was into the V-neck! Oh I can laugh now...oooooo I was sooo mad! The good news is I still have 3 more balls to play with!

FO #2

I kinda wished I had stuck with the original design with the cable. I don't really care for the way this turned out too much. Though it's dragging around his knees (ok mid-thigh) and half the sleeve is rolled up, my son loves it. Maybe it'll fit him when he's 10!

YARN: Simply Caron's tweed. It was not a bad yarn to knit with. I was pleasantly suprised by the varied coloration. I used 5 skeins for this top

THE PATTERN: My own. It came out way bigger than I planned. I made four squares and alternated knit side and purl side. Basic sleeves and a ribbed collar...(confidentially, this may end up in a rip pile, depending on my mood!)

WHAT WOULD I DO DIFFERENTLY: Take the time to measure the back before going on!



I am at the cusp of week 28! Yippeee! This had become my new bedmate in the evenin' hours. It is soooo comfortable!
A friend from church passed it along! She said it tremendously help her as she tipped the scales past 200 when she was pregnant. Yikes...I only gained 2-3lbs so far. Phew!

At this stage baby's eyes will begin to open and close this week. She's also banging around like mad in there -- except when she's sleeping. Yep, Baby is snoozing on a regular schedule, in the evenings and at night mostly, but in very short spurts (only about 20 to 30 minutes at a time). Right now she weighs roughly 2.5 pounds and measures a little over 15 inches from head to toe. I go for another ultrasound next week to check the heart (gestational diabetes has its complications, sigh).
Have a fabulous week!


Virtuous said...

I lub lub lub your Noro top! I bet you it is super cute on you!

You should have modeled it with dripping belly and all!

Sorry you feel blah about FO#2, but Noro is soooo lurvely - yep I guess I could have warned you about the vegetation huh? Haha! :o)

Sounds like you are sleeping well at night. Hope her heart is just fine!

Knitaholictoo said...

Thank you. You are really sweet.