Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Mom left yesterday. She was a trooper helping me cut this pile of fabrics so that I could sew it into piles of bags! Then she cleaned, helped me cook for Thanksgiving, played with the boys and DH and I were able to go on a date!
I'm so tired today, all I did was veg in my jammas and head rag. I swear my husband is a saint!

I finally finished my Einstein coat and am now in search of suitable buttons. All I can say is that it took forever! I will probably add 1 1/2" border down the front. It should be a little roomier. I really hate the way the stripes don't match in the front, so, I wouldn't do it in a stripe yarn, again. I may do something more interesting with textures. Pattern was way easy.

Here's a sweater I started for my eldest. It is Shadows, Simply soft Caron yarn in "merino yarn", which is really a deep midnight blue color. He so proudly picked it himself.

A Banana Republic sweater caught my eye and I've started that in Simply soft Caron yarn, "deep plum". I just could pass the yarn up, there was a sale know. I have to do is the back, all the ribbing and collar. I did make the sleeves separate, though. I didn't want to work with a bunch of stitches again after wrestling that Einstein coat! The sleeves are still in the same direction as the body and with some careful joining, the seam will be invisible.
In the Style magazine ad, the style was belted which I will do after the baby.

Thank you all for your orders! If you have not already received yours, the balance is going out in tomorrow's mail. For those of you still contemplating, you still have time! Getta shoppin'!

I guess I'd better go and rustle up some vitals for the menfolk.

Have a great week!


Virtuous said...

Wow Einstein is done! Now that is a major project! Ha!!

OOh sounds like you had a really good weekend. I hope your week is GREAT!

Sheila said...

Congrats!! on Einstein... you are going to enjoy it after all the hard work. Loving the sweater that you're doing for your son.