Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I happened upon this blogger's site! This is her yarn stash and you can find it here. My stash would probably rival this if it weren't organized in bins by color...oh yes flash yur stash is a comin'. Ready? FIRST THE YARN:
stuff that didn't fit into the bins
I really wanted to keep the stash limited to the bins, ha!
sigh, cotton cones!
excuse me, 14 bins of...organized yarn
final stack of, eh hem, organized yarn
work in progress????

only 5
in a box
leathers for bags
sa' more.

Clearly, I have a problem! I won't embarass myself flashing the pattern stash of more than 50 patterns!

It got me to thinkin'...self will you ever knit all that stuff? It kinda makes me want to knit at least one thing with every yarn I have before purchasing one more skein. I had an insane (ok it's still insane) fabric stash from my many years in the fashion industry, which I mananged to pare down to 6 bins, and threw away at least 20 patterns that were too small. Both stashes are growing again, thanks to Rag Shop closing down. Come on the patterns were 5/$1 and fabrics were $1-3/yd! But that is no excuse. Ok I will not by a lick of fabric, yarn, or patterns still I have substantial reduced the stash (right hand in the air). Hey, is that a JoAnn's sale paper on my desk? How'd that git in here? It musta just come in the mail. Hmmmphf! it won't hurt just to look...


Omar Cruz said...
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Virtuous said...

OMG!!! Are you kidding me!!
Gurl! And I was talking about myself over here with my measely TWO bins! HAHA!

Sheila said...

Stop!!... please tell me that all that is from a Yarn/fabric Outlet.