Friday, January 18, 2008

Cough, cough, hack, hack....

Everyone is sick casa del Knithouse, including myself! This morning, 2am, is a "hold me till I sleep mommy" morning. How can I deny such a request! (I love that he's not whiney) *Sigh*, come here Pumpkin, mom can't sleep either! Dag, he's getting heavy big! I can hardly walk a few paces without breathin' all heavy. I'm in serious denial about my three year old being a "little one", he's a big "little one". Once in a while amidst the flurry of activity during the day, I'll catch a glimpse of 'em as they really are, wow they are getting tall. Dang, are those pants high waters already. *Sniff, sniff*, they are really growing up! Aren't they! Ok hormones!

Enter Rachel. 2 more months, y'all. It seems like I've been pregnant forever! I'm doin' the pregnancy waddle, now. We got to see her a coupla days ago, at the pediatric cardiologist's ...everything's fine, she's so cute. I can hardly wait for the sleepless nights uh, crying hmm, perpetual fatigue angelic arrival. Pray y'all!

In the meantime, during one of my "restings in bed", my dear spouse slips this book to me.


I love when he does things like that. I really like the book, I've even forsook my usual pm TV watching just to catch what's going on with the characters. I've bought nothing but knitting books these past years, it good to have a regular read for once. Thank you, Honey!

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Sheila said...

Awww.. sending get well wishes to you all. Yes, its amazing how one moment they are like grasshoppers and the next the'rey standing eye to eye, but regardless of how old or how tall.. they will always be your babies. Looking forward to a book review on FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB.