Friday, February 11, 2011

January projects

January got off to a good start. Have a look... Warning heavy picture post.

Book used: Sew Sensation Gifts
CD holder: the project in the book was actually a cassette holder but I don't listen to those much anymore...



Book used: The Polymer Clay Techniques Book
Soap dish: learned how to get the wood look but the dish is not in the book. I have to tell you, I've been sitting on a stash of polymer clay for 3 years. This sucka was hard and crumbly and I had to work it! I even broke my pasta machine! Well worth it though, I was able to make 2 matching soap dishes to hold all that wonderful soap I made back in December. Next on my polymer clay list...some cool buttons.

Finally got the last of the rods up! These are no pattern curtains with rod pockets, side and bottom hem.

Bedroom curtains in soothing grays, off whites and light blue. I lined them with cheap sheets from "Tar-zjay". Now I can pull back the brocade part into a holder and have light come through.

This fabric is really meant for a couch or something. It's stiff and a bit of a pain to sew, but I love it. The golden color with lines of rust running though it go great with the maple cabinets in my kitchen.

I'm not really a floral motif person but I so love the colors in this fabric. The browns and tans go with the foyer floors and furniture and the green brings a welcome addition to the rusts and oranges that dominate my home.

Food for Mochahantas, made from Crayola Model Magic. Hunger was my inspiration.

Not to be outdone...look who's been busy as well...


Sheila said...

You've been busy and the curtains are gorgeous. Uh oh someone is entertaining themselves againg...giggling.

Anonymous said...

Hey, tried to send you an email and it bounced back to me. You asked me about needles: The needles are Knit Picks nickel plated DPNs. They were inexpensive but are such good needles -- like a much cheaper alternative to Addi Turbo. I love them.

I gotta add you to my Google reader now, I'm way behind!