Wednesday, February 09, 2011

It's gonna be a long drive home...


I wan wadr.
I just gave you water

Wadr, Mom. Moooooommmm!
I'm driving, I can't look for your water right now.

Paaadi, Mom, I waaann padi.
Paci is lost, no more paci.

Mom I hurt. wite here Momm.
mashing the ignore button

Moooommm, Momm!
cue fake crying from the back seat. I think I can actually feel my spine vibrate, seriously

Look mom, I see 2, mom, I see 2, mom.
and...cut. Fake crying over.
what is it?

Right dare, right dare
is she getting annoyed with me?

Ugh ran a red light looking for "right dare", now I'm annoyed!
mommy has to concentrate
Mommie has to considhfkhei (can't even spell what she said)

Moooommm, wanna go home. ignore Mommmm!
so do I, dear One, so do I.

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