Sunday, March 06, 2011

Is it March already???

I just look at my last post and just shook my head! I have to put up my February projects!!! And a confession but that's later!

Heart shaped pot holders for a friend who hosted a Valentine day of crafting at her home.

I baked a banana bread and attached the recipe. Hope she liked it!

Crocheted Baby Converse for a pal who just had a baby girl last Thursday. Could you die? I wanted to put the cirle and star thingy on the side, but lazy bit me in the derriere. Rock 'em hard baby Riley!

I did manage to keep my resolve not to purchase any more books (at the crack house bookstore) but I did slip and well let's just say that I'm cheating on Barnes & Noble with I know...I know. Amazon gives me points on my card (you pimp daddy, you) and 1-click ordering (oh, you're naughty) and when I come back, they welcome me with a list of recommendations. They understand me, they love me, they know what I like. How can I resist such bibliographic love. *cue the violins* Oh, Amazon! With your free shipping and cheap books, I will stay with you, forsaking all others (unless I can get my book fix cheaper some other way, so don't get it twisted)! Violins wail in a dramatic and fading crescendo.
Ok, it was my husband's fault, he wanted a book out of print and I figured... Oh,well, here's the loot...

This one has tailoring techniques that just didn't make it to the new version. Too bad!

It's from the UK and it's for the Bond, hello?

Not that I would wear cubes on my boobies or lanterns for sleeves, but the pattern techniques are inspirations and, dare I, dramatic pause mindblowing, there I said it! As a former professional patternmaking, it is fabulously intriguing to me how to make 3D shapes from flat patterns. After I received Pattern Magic 2 and was gasping at page after page, I just had to order Pattern Magic 1. Suffice it to say, though, I won't be ordering #3, which is knits and just doesn't have the same cache. Did you sense the snobbery? Good, wasn't hiding it.

I know it screams 80's, because it is. It's totally for techniques and inspiration. **laughing, hand to chest, donning most incredulous expression** you don't really think I was going to knit these ridiculously dated sweaters? **hiding stripe swatches with the other hand**.

I won't bother listing hubby's books...who cares! Momma's happy!


Sheila said...

Love the heart potholders and reminds me that I need to replace the mine. Ok.... Stop the cuteness... The sneaker booties are down right adorable. You have a great collection of books there... Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh, the crochet Converse are TOO adorable. I want to make some and I don't even have anyone to make them for!

Love the heart pot holders.