Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Well, maybe. I'll be spending the majority of it confined in a minivan with loud kiddos for 5-6 hours. Oh happy day! DH is the best man in a wedding. That should be fun.

A juicy tidbit, the subtle hints which can be misread by well meaning DH. Let me set the scene.

DH comes to the bedroom the other night, sniggling and giggling. He excitedly hands over a recycled USPS box secured with tape and last weekend's comic strip over the top. I look at him incredulous.

"What is this?"
"It's your birthday present!" Can you hear him beaming!
"Honey, you spared no expense" Can you hear me wondering why I didn't set the newspaper in the trash?
"But it's not my birthday, yet"
"I know, but we'll be on the road"
Well, it certainly is one of the biggest presents I've seen and quite heavy, too. I start to carefully rip back the paper (yeah, I'm one of those). Realizing what I looked like, I just tore the paper. Dramatic pause...

"Are you kidding me?" half laughing, half serious.
"You said you didn't like the deer or the turkeys" proudly shaking his head for catching "the hint".
"I never said I wanted to kill them" wondering if I was witnessing the beginning stages of senility in my DH.
"It doesn't hurt them, just scares them away".
"Is this real?" what a dumb question, of course it is.

Maybe it was all that muttering under my breath about how the deer are dropping their ticks off to give my kids Lyme's disease, or perhaps the shouting to shoo the turkeys out of the yard. Mostly likely it was my determined expression as I fashioned a slingshot on the back deck. Sigh...maybe next year I cut 2 cardboard car shapes, paint them blue, write Ferrari on them, affix some string on them and wear them on each shoulder around the house, all the while making car noises.

As for this year's present...I'm still figuring that out!


BarbaraG said...

So what was this anti deer/turkey birthday present? Just curious.

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday Dear!!! and umm a slingshot for your b-day present... giggling

Melissa said...

Me thinketh that DH will be used as target practice before you actually get to the deer and turkeys. :-)

Hope you have a great birthday weekend!

Maryellen said...

Can't~stop~laughing! xoxo