Friday, January 22, 2010


Really??? I have come under some criticism for "marketing my bags" for the cause of Haiti and being opportunistic. As a few choice cuss words came to mind, I decided to "take every thought captive" and respond with a few of my own questions. Since the world apparently revolves around you and your opinions, maybe I should have just given my things away...hmm then where would the money come from to donate? Do you know me enough or my motives to make a proper judgement of my actions? While you have been able to rollover and enter your 5th dream state, I lay awake wondering how my 70 yr father is going to make it back. Does he have any water? Will he be approached my street gangs for money he doesn't have. What happened to the theatre I had my first date in? Is that shop I bought my prom dress fabric still there? What about my school? Or what about my family's house? or the neighborhood? was that decimated, too? My motives were not opportunistic. I have loss along with my people, more than things! Since jetting down to the island in not possible, I wanted to some how, in some way let them know I suffer with you. What was your motive for your accusations? Are you looking to tear down in order to quiet the convictions in your own lack of response to a call of action to help somebody, anybody? Have you offered to express the same opinions to Jordana Paige? a non Haitian compelled to in some way to help with whatever she has? Instead, why don't you listen to your spirit and dig deep way, way deep in the dark places and do something beyond feeding you own self focus and help someone else. Why don't you empty your hands and that you may receive that warm fuzzy feeling you seek. Have a nice day! My sale offerings still stand! Haiti cherie, mon vie, mouin still avec-ou!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, so sorry to hear this! :-(

I hope your family is all right in all of this.

Lisa said...

Hi there,

You could link them directly to Ysolda Teague's latest entry where she's donated half of her recent sales after an online appeal for help for Haiti. She just donated about three thousand seven hundred POUNDS. Maybe they'll leave similar comments there. I doubt it.

Keep on doing what you can in what way you can for your country. God bless you!

~Marge~ said...

God bless you for your committment to helping those suffering in Haiti! Ignore the nay-sayers ... Actually pray for them and the narrow-minded lives they lead. You need to do what is right for you and your peace of mind since you cannot hop a plane and be there to physically help.