Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ah, the Holidays

It's been really busy here with the holidays and Ms Diva crawling around! She's 9 months! I can hardly believe it! Where does the time go? In the meatime, knitting has been happening. My eldest, Thing 1 and DH are home this week! So the routine has been shaken up a little but glad to have my happy helper around (Thing 1 not DH, sorry Hon : ) ). What is it about boys and selective hearing? I can call and call, no one answers! But let there be a crinkle of cellophane (perhaps of a candy cane wrapper or a bag of Jax) turn around they have sidle up from behind with doe eyes! Wow!

We have had a Festivus miracle of our own here. I am knitting up a cardigan for my MIL's. By the time I finish the front and back, I could tell that the yarn was going to run out. Armed with the yarn band and piece of yarn, I sent DH on a mission. See Hon, you are helpful! In full confidence of completing the project, I knitted up the sleeve. DH returns with many bags from other stops on his errand run. He says nothing as he calming puts things away. I patiently go about mananging the much neglected pile of laundry. As if throwing a hand grenade and ducking for cover, he says in passing, oh, by the way they wasn't anymore yarn, then he's gone! True to his expectation, I cried out incredulous, no more yarn?!? there was gobs of it last week! it's not like it was on sale! all if a sudden everybody wants forest green yarn! if i didn't have bad luck i would have any... in manspeak all he heard was wah, wah, wah, wahwah, wah, wah. So commando that I am, I call every store within, 40 minutes...nobody has it!!! AAARghh! I concede defeat! I send him out to get black yarn, what I'm going to do with it I do not know! 15 minutes later, DH calls back...I found it. I looked really well in the other bins and found it. My hero! mmmmwwaah! It's a Festivus miracle. Now, if I can stitch it together...

other FO's

My Mom's cardi

Pattern: Not You Mother's Coat by Sally Melville
Yarn: Lionbrand Homespun
Needles: Use ISM EON
Modifications: None
Finished: 10 hrs

My fingerless mitts

Pattern: Evangeline by Michelle Szeghalmi
Yarn: Patons SWS
Needles: 8 dpns
Modifications: I did extra repeat for a longer glove
Finished: I was an easy knit, I think it took 9hrs all together.

Hat for me

Pattern: Fake Isle Hat by Amy King
Yarn: Encore chunky and a mystry stash yarn
Needles: 10 circ
Modifications: 2 less repeats at crown design.
Finished: another quick knit, a little big but will do another

On deck: WIP's
Maple Seed Hat by Angela Hahn

Sock It To Me Plain Toe-Up Socks for the Family by Debbi Young
currently hibernating

Happy Holidays!