Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh yes I did!

I had to go back the Knittingsmith (by the way all links work now. I shouldn't try to blog with a screaming infant in my arms!) The store is still closing this weekend. Hmm, I wonder what happens to the unsold inventory? Here's what I got.

Got the books on the previous trip.

I've been working on small projects just to have some sense of accomplishment... I made 2 of these mice out of odd balls of Berrocco suede yarn.

I've almost completed a sweater for ms. Diva. I used Manos del Uruguay cotton that I had lying around for 4 yrs!

THAT'S IT!!! After many false starts, I have to concede defeat! I will not frustrate myself with attempt another sock until I can get myself into a class. Peruse the fruit of my labor.
what's up with the heel???
probably can't see the owl.

I kept knitting even though it didn't look right, hoping it would work out. Grrr, I wanted to snap those needles and throw the whole mess in the trash!


ME: who broke the nose off of my head?
T1 & T2: I dunno, Mom. Maybe you forgot you broke it.

Why didn't I think of that myself, I grumble as I put it on the shelf in my closet.

ME: what happened to my puzzle? Why are the pieces missing (see bottom left corner)?

T1 & T2 ignored me and continued playing with their cars because I couldn't possibly be talking to them. I sigh and put away my poster size puzzle that took a month to complete and seconds to ruin.

ME: Why is this melted silly putty all in the back seat? I can't even get it out.

T1: Mom, the car just got too hot by the sun. When it gets cold again, you'll be able to get it out.

Apparently I hadn't been schooled in the matters of simple science. I sigh, this time adding the skunk eye.

I guess these are the days my mother couldn't wait for.

BABY TALK: ms. diva has started cooing and making motions to talk! Last week she started smiling. You go, girl!


Sheila said...

Great purchase @ the Knittingsmith.

Lol @ I dunno, Mom. Maybe you forgot you broke it.

You're better and me, at least you tried to make a sock...lol

Aww isn't it heart melting when they start smiling and cooing.

Sheila said...
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Virtuous said...

Ooh knitting is going on!! Yah!!
Even if those socks are frustrating you! Glad you keep going! As you will get better at it!

LOL @ kid stories!

Glad you guys are doing well over there! Thanks for the update! :o)

urbanknitrix said...

You racked up!!! I have yet to get a Rowan magazine. One day!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the beautiful addition to your family she's sooo cute. You've been busy and I love your stash. Ok, for the sock the heel is to long I would take out about 5 rows coming from the ankle to the heel and it looks like you picked up too many gusset sts. Don't give up.

Kamika said...

I've been meaning to buy both of those books. Great choices! Can't wait to see what you make from them.