Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Now you know I had no business...

Before my mom left, we decided to have a girls' day out, just me, Ma and ms diva. We headed out to Cold Spring, a small town situated on the Hudson River about 20 minutes south of me. We could take a stroll in this quaint antique town and look in the shops, head down to the little plaza on the river and sit on the benches, watch people fish, children run around, you know, then have a little bistro lunch. We would finish the lovely afternoon with a little trek down the road a piece to the lys... so that ms diva could get her first yarn sniff on.

Turns out it was too friggin hot to sit out on the benches, most of the shops weren't opened yet and one needs to practice before trying to nurse in public. It wasn't all bad though, I had the lys to look forward to.

I've past The KnittingSmith on occasions and was really looking forward to finally checking it out. I must confess, I haven't been in many yarn stores. I buy my yarn at Stitches or *cough, cough* AC Moore.

I stepped into KnittingSmith and I thought I'd gone to yarn heaven!!! Ms Penelope, the owner, told me everything in the store was 50% off because she was closing the store for good at the end of May. She also informed us that she hadn't advertised it yet. Overwhelmed by all the offerings, I think I started to hyperventilate! I picked up 4 skeins of a variegated yarn for a sweater for ms diva and a pair of size 8 addi turbos. Ma gave me that look, as she bounced ms diva up and down in her arms, "with all that yarn you got at home, you ain't got no business..." followed with the eye roll and back turn. Secretly I thought to myself that I would return the following week when I was better prepared and my witness (Ma) would be on the first thing smokin' back to SC, ha! Y'all I couldn't wait for Tuesday to come. With great enthusiasm I load the kids in the car and headed out! I got to the door and the sign read that they were opened Wed-Sun! GASP!!! But, but...I just saw Ms Penelope opened the door and motioned someone in as I was pulling in! Besides the website said the store was opened on Tues! With the boldness of a woman being unfairly keep from heavenly yumminess that is fibery, I opened the door and made my way in. I asked if it was ok to shop. With the thumbs up sign and a warning about yarn being all over the the floor, the shopping began. I was there about 1 1/2 hrs and y'all I had the store to myself! Needless to say, I dropped all of the money in my clenched fist on yarn (Adrienne Vittadini yarn, Cascade, and 2 other brands-about 1500yds each), 3 more addis and a coupla pattern books which I will reveal at a later post. Here's a little taste of the spoils.

Most importantly, ms diva got her first "nostrilfill" of yarnopia.

Goodbye KnittingSmith and best wishes to you, Ms Penelope. You will be missed!


Virtuous said...

I really hate to see a yarn shop close down, but GREAT spoils!!

It appears Ms. Diva enjoyed her first experience of yarn fumes! :oD

Thanks for the update pic of her!!

Sheila said...

I actually shivered after seeing all your yarn goodies, great yarn. Aww look at Mis Diva purring and sniffing yarn fibers...lol.

Nik said...

Adrienne Vittadini for 50% off?!!!

I hate you. :)

Kamika said...

Ms. Diva is so gorgeous! Love the yarn colors. Good score!

Bebhin said...

Interesting to know.