Saturday, March 01, 2008

In the home stretch

3 weeks to go! I have to confess...I'm not good at home stretches. If this were a foot race, I would have already asked myself, why the hell am I running? And why haven't I stopped? It's darkest before dawn and when I should be hanging on white brown knuckled with GI Joe Kung Foo grip, I decide I've had enough. Lord knows, I'm trying to be a happy pregnant, grateful and all that, but I've gained 6lbs in 3wks and my back is seriously paying the price. So grab some crackers and cheese, ladies, 'cause it's time for a little whine. It's funny how at the beginning of each maternal ride, I forget why I tell everyone, if I utter a word about having another child, hog time me and nail me on the shins with a ball ping hammer until I've lost my death grip on the whole idea. I always think, Hmmm this isn't so bad. Why did I not want another sooner? Then, it's like suddenly I awake out of a Dove chocolate dream, to the unborn one kicking the *#$& out of my bladder with no regard to the owner of said bladder, not able to catch my breath, wondering if I could get any bigger, and prayin' for the sweet relief of delivery. No not really 'cause then there's that whole getting over the sliced in half sensation of the C-section. Not only will I be healing from pregnancy and a C-section, but nursing a wee one all under the influence of sleep deprivation. Oh joy!

I had to hobble like a cripple (my back, remember?) to get to the phone last night. It was the hospital, registering my DH. He has to go back into the hospital, go back under so the doctor can bend his knee. Not another round of anesthesia, I thought. Can't we just work it out at home? Him, with some imported libation in hand, attempting knee bends. What about with a little extra Percocet? Anything but back to the place of near death! I had to walk (well, hobble) away when I realized I was machine gunning all the why questions at my hubby in an unpleasantly high pitched, head cocking voice, and suck it up as "it is what it is". How impossibly stressful! There are some lessons here that I must be missing.

Oh and let's not leave out thing 1 and thing 2 the energetic boys, who start at any detection of light. I've tried room darkening shades, but dang it every morning before I can crack my eyelids 7am, they have got to let me know that they are "done sleepin'". Thank goodness, I can cut through all the cars and truck noises by getting my overacheiver to make waffles for himself and little brother. It buys me 3 minutes (yes, I've timed it!), enough time to hit the, eh hem, bathroom and get to them before they have waffles with their syrup and milk all over the kitchen floor!

I don't think I could trade it all for anything in the world. Thank your for allowing me to vent.



Sheila said...

Awww the home stretch. I know time is near but yet seeeming so far, but you are a trooper having the ability to vent with

Anonymous said...

We all have to vent from time to time, don't I know it. I remember going through the same thing. Hang in there, girl.

tstanley said...

What I think happens is that after you give birth, God erases all the pain and misery with the miracle thats before you. When "thing 3" arrives, you can get more sleep. Checkout They make a window cover that completely darkens the bedroom. With a totally dark room, kids fall asleep faster at nap time and sleep longer. You can use it to take naps during the day to catch up on lost sleep.

NikkiJ said...

It's true...

John 16:21 A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.

That's why we do this over and over again. I can barely even remember having my son. I mean I do, but not clearly enough to be afraid of the whole process.

If anyone in the world has the right to vent right now, it's you. I wish that I was there to help you guys.

Virtuous said...

Anytime!! @ vent opportunity!

Hey! That is why we are here!

So glad NikkiJ fed you with some Word!!

Gurl just hang in there! *hugs*