Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Hump day!

No knitting going on these days. I've been up to my eyeballs in receipts, credit card bills, medical expenses, all in preparation for the tax man! I have finally managed to get it all organized and off to the accountant. To celebrate, I decided to make a little sumthin' for ma'self! I made the above diaper bag out of faux animal skin (no animals harmed here...besides who has the energy?) and the lining is a quilted silk. The pockets are in a contrasting navy corduroy. I also made some changes, I will add some hardware to the straps, I made a zippered pocket inside, and I added the buckle to the front flap. I was really surprised at how big it is. I think this will be reassigned a knitting bag once ms diva is out of diapers! I hope to finish it this week. I just have to make the strap and attach the lining to the bag. I love the print! Nothing less will do for the little diva's arrival. Here it is on it's way to completion...

I also receive to big bags of clothing (6mths to 18ths) from my DH's cousin! Big sigh of relief since I didn't get a shower this go round (I know, poor me, right!). Anywho, I got to see ms diva via ultrasound on Monday. She was balled up in there (I'm only 5' 2" and have run out of room!), but I did get to spy her little face again. I had give my DH the stink eye when I saw yet another child that look like him, lol. She is around 7 lbs and head down, thank you, Jesus! Thing 2 was born backside first and it was rough delivery! *Sigh* seeing her did give me renewed energy.


Did anyone ever hear of this company? I love love love these bouquets! The fruit is absolutely delisioso! Since I let my hubby off the hook for flowers a month after we started dating...this fills the special occasion void! Edible bouquets!!! He no longer has an excuse 'cause nothin's wasted here! Blow the dust off the CC, Honey! This is what I want at the candy (well ok on the candy)! After a 9 month hiatus from c.r.a.c.k sugar, I got some catchin' up to do!

I also started a new book written by Debbie Macomber, courtesy of Nik! Thank you, Nik! I was feining for someting to read and at this point in time walking around in a B&N just seems like a great feat. I'll let you know how it goes. By the way, ms diva was due on Nik's birthday...c-section however will be a week earlier. Nik, we'll always have the due date, lol!

I also just finished this one. And would love to pass it along to whoever asks for it first! This is apparently autobiographical!

Be blessed! I'm going to go put these swollen puppies up somewhere!


NikkiJ said...

Wow, those are definately pregnant feet. I know how is when the baby looks like him. Frustrating. My kids mysteriously look like each other, and me, but the darn sure look just like their daddys,ugh!

Sheila said...

The diaper bag is coming along nicely. Wowzer! it looks like you can barely stand on your feet their so swollen..awww. I would love to read Drunk, Divorced...
The Edible Arrangements looks so good.

Nik said...

You could just, uh, wait until the 31st for the c-section. And if she tries to come earlier, cross your legs or something. She'll stay put until the end of the month :D

Virtuous said...

Fierce baby bag!! I luvs it!!!

And Yes! I've always known about Edible Arrangements but have yet to get one! Haha! They get pricey!
But that will be the best hospital bouqet!!!

Gurl...not sure how much sugar I can be off when I get pregnant. I am a crackhead ALL THE WAY! LOL

Okay you gonna stop flashing us knees and feet! Haha!

I need to see the BABY!!! :op

When is the C-section date scheduled for?????

Knitaholictoo said...

Nik... you know you're wrong! She outta here on the 24th or I'mma hafta start chargin' rent!