Friday, March 14, 2008

Give it up for my girl!

I just had to let you know that my girl Gabi has done it again! She surprised us by getting us dinner from this restaurant. I love this family and not just for the things they can do but for the heart they have. I know that when things get really tough, I can count on her to be on her face before the Lord on our behalf. Thank you Gabi and family, God bless you. It was great to have a night off, the meal was absolutely delicious.

I would have taken pictures for drool factor, but we scarfed it down way before I thought about a camera...oink, oink! Lol!

Now go do something awesome for somebody!!!


Sheila said...

That was such a fabulous thing to do. But I'm calling Gabi... b/c I was suppose to get a doggie

NikkiJ said...

Now see, that is exactly the kind of help you need. I'm going to pray for God to send you a Doula, free of charge.