Saturday, February 23, 2008

Finished Object!!!

FO, I finally got around to finishing my Banana Republic inspired top. I changed it up a bit. Here are the pix!
My version

This simple pattern I drafted. My collar actually stands up and is a close fit with buttons on the side. I have it rolled down for the picture.

Now for the gruesome photos of my dh's leg. If you are squeamish, look away! He is on the mend, thank the Lord. Though, a little frustrated with the persistant swelling and not being able to bend his knee, but c'mon! They cut your knee out and replaced it with metal, give yourself a break! I can not understand why he won't let me apply scar cream! Men! I love you Sweetie Pie, and no, not even this is sacred, lol! Here are the pix...

Pretty barbaric, isn't it! As of thursday, the staples have been removed.
Have a great weekend!


Virtuous said...

LUV the sweater!!! You did a great spin on it!! And it is a perfect maternity sweater for you!! Looks great on you!!! AND I finally get to see you too!! :oD

And ur uh..TOO LATE on warning me about the gruesome pic! LOL
U coulda eased us in on that one! HAHA!

My uncle had a knee replacement and it really does something to a person, especially men, not being able to "do".

Tell him to give him permission to REST during rhis time and not try not to get frustrated with his swollen is HEALING!!

Glad he is out of the hospital SAFELY and you two are back home TOGETHER!!!

Sheila said...

You look fabulous in your FO, lovin' the cables. Glad to see dh home and the staples have been removed, OUch!!. Eventually the swelling will go away, and sure physical therapy will follow.

NikkiJ said...

Ooooh, that sweater is gorgeous it looks so soft. You DH's knee was like a car wreck I couldn't look away from. I hope that he can use it by the time the baby gets here.