Monday, February 18, 2008

What a week!

My DH has been in the hospital since last Tuesday for a knee replacement (messed it up with all the sports: triathalons, baseball, soccer and oh yeah "touch" football) As if the stressation of being out to here with 2 little ones wasn't enough, the anesthesiologist messed up his spinal and he woke up screaming while they were cutting! Then there was the mixing up of his meds with his roommate's meds (who happens to have the same first name), I KNOW! Between bad weather, the road trips (He's an 1hr away), and nearly losing him, I think I need a little of what Sheila's sippin' on! Thank goodness he may possibly coming home tomorrow. I'm just so glad I had my girl Gabi to lean on!



Virtuous said...

OMG Sheila! I can't believe the stress you have been under!
I pray your husband recovery is much more smoother.
I smell lawsuit!! @ med mix

Too bad you can't drink anything right now but gurl just stay prayerful.

Will be in touch with you soon!

Nik said...

My gosh. That had to be scary for him waking up on the table like that.
The fact that he was able to scream was great. Most people can't do that because they can't move. That was indeed a blessing, even though it doesn't seem like it. My prayers are definitely with you and your family.

Sheila said...

Geezous... Glad to hear all is well and he will be coming home soon. You do not need what I had this weekend... A big cup of green tea is just as good. Sending a shout-out to Gabi... Thanks for taking care of my blogger buddy & her family.

Knitaholictoo said...

Thank you my blogger friends. You comments have really touched me. Nik, that was comforting to know. I am grateful to have him home. Stay tuned for the battle scars, lol. Hugz to you all.

NikkiJ said...

Whew, what a relief you guys made it through it all.