Monday, November 05, 2007

It's Official

Baby Talk:

We had our amazing ultrasound today. It was great to see the little face, the finger sucking, the little ribs, etc. I was in awe all over again. All the parts were intact and right on point in terms of weight and length msmts. The little one was being coy though, waving at us, with the legs crossed. The Doc prevailed however and was 95% sure that we are having a ....drumroll please!

GIRRRRRLLLL! Here she is in all her beautiful beautiness!


Sheila said...

Amazing - 3D ultrasound... I'm pouting why didn't they have that 19 years ago... I'm looking forward to your knit projects... awww look at her in her glory.

Virtuous said...

A GIRL!! What a blessing!!!
Those 3D ultrasounds are just awesome!

Knitaholictoo said...

This is actually the regular ultrasound. The amber makes it much easier to see. It really is cool to actually see her face...she looks like my youngest so far. Sigh...I love her already.