Friday, November 02, 2007

Froggin Friday

I wanted to come to terms with some UFO's luxuriating in plastic bins today. UFO's with such hopes of become Finished Objects but have somewhat lost the cache with which they were first started. With a heavy yet knowing heart, I have pronounced the end of hope unrealized and frogged those Unfinished Obejects. The yarns, as well as myself, needed to be set free.

Let the frogging begin: rip it, rip it, rip it.

Next, luxuriation in a cool bath. I used SOAK.

Now, alpaca flow free in the wind! Fresh, clean and uncrimped! Ready for a new project.

This is what I had to step over to bathe these precious fibers! Have you ever seen a dog sleep on her back like this. Fly Mama, fly!

BABY TALK: I'll be at the halfway point this Monday! Aaannnnd, I get to see her (or him) Monday as well, hopefully via 3D ultrasound! Will post picture and let you know whether boy or girl!


Virtuous said...

Yes I have yet to learn how to set my self and yarn free on some UFOs! :op

But when I come to terms with it one day I just learned how to frog my yarn properly from Knitting Daily!!

How EXCITING at know what the baby will be and see s/he 3D thos pictures are so cool!!!

Okay your dog is freakin me out!! ;op

Sheila said...

UFOs happens to the best of Coolthat on Monday you get to find out the sex of the baby... 3D uh!... to think 19 years ago it wasn't possible. I thought my dogs did silly things.. your dog is definitely eccentric.... lol