Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thank you for the wonderful comments! But it's back to work. Yep workin' my fingers to the bone for another show. The last show was soooo successful! So I have new knitcases and a new bag style. I ran into a snag with the leatherette on the new style this morning, so my sewing machine and I are not on speaking terms at the moment! Meanwhile the pile of cut parts (which represents 12 bags) sits idle. Grrr, I had so hoped that I could put a dent in this workload. I rearranged furniture instead. Am I stressed? No! Why waste it when I can have a full blown anxiety attack the night before the show. I would take a picture for the forboding pile but the camera is in the car and I'm still in pajamas and rollers. Since hubby has just called to inform me that he is on his way home from work, I better end this procrastination session and splash some water around or somethin'. Thank God, mom's coming next week! Little does she know she'll be relagated to the dungeon for some sewin'!
Here is the postcard for the show...They actually put my bag on it! I was totally honored as it is a very "frou, frou, she, she" show.

Happy weekend!


Sheila said...

I'm sure your mom will make everything ok before the show and have a great time.

Glen l Graham said...

Very nice bag keep up the great work. there is no success with out some stress.

look forward to hearing more about your adventures.