Friday, April 27, 2007

Not so quiet on the homefront...

I had a pipe break in my basement. It was like slow motion as I turn to see where the running water was coming from. NNNOOOOOOO! The water was dripping over my stash y'all! My eyes ran frantically over the large bins, trying to access, no comprehend what was going on and how to best move everything! All I can say is thank goodness for RUBBERMAID! I tipped each bin carefully pouring the water into an empty bin. I slid them out of the way and called my husband for help. His half way look and "you'd do anything to get me home" comment showed that he in no way realized the gravity of the CODE RED situation. Get steady...he asked if there was anyway that I could cut the stash in half! I know and your gasps were heard. I think my eyes twitched as I looked over to his side with all the sports stuff and locker full of baseball cards and whatever. Anyway pipes are fixed and no yarns or fabrics were harmed in the event.

Next project home improvement. I was feeling sick this morning at the thought of having to tile the backsplash in my kitchen...after all, I never did tiling before but the Lowe's guy said it was easy. After purchasing all my supplies, I bit the bullet. Here it is. It wasn't as bad as I thought. The hardest part was calculating how many I needed. Really. Tomorrow I grout! I'm itching to knit something but I'm so pooped at night and I want to get all this stuff done.

He was really wasn't that bad.

How can something so cute and small make such a mess!

mommy can I paint the porch?
no you can't paint the porch.
but why?
it's going to be another job for mom, sweetie
ok...long silence, bang goes the screen door.

don't touch that door i just painted it
ok mommy
mommy i need to go wash hands
what did you do?
i made drip marks


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Sheila said...

You did a fantastic job on the backsplash.. you go girl!!!. Speaking of a pipe bursting, we had one burst in the basement, thank god for drains, 3/4 of the basement is ceramic tile, and the one room that had carpeting got wet, talk about hard work removing it, finally accomplished that and decided to ceramic tile that room, my knees were killing me for several