Thursday, March 22, 2007


I've been trying to do some crocheting in the evenings, actually the Macrame belt from Flirty and Fabulous Crochet caught my eye. The stuff in that book is really hip despite of the title. After working the belt up though, I didn't really like the way the wrap stitches were lining up so the belt sits unfinished on my piano, like I've kicked it to the curb in disgust. I try to ignore it like a bald-headed stepchild, but it mocks me as I walk by it countless times during the day. Sigh... I did the back of yet another Melissa Leapman sweater, from Hot Knits (I am really getting my money's worth from that book!). I'm doing a plain stockinette and using the softest pumpkin color merino wool. I washed the back and it shrank exactly as the swatch I tested.

I'm doing a diagonal lace pattern in the front and I want the rib go 8" up the sleeve. I need a block of time to work on the front and sleeves. Any block of time away from the kiddies means more time for riflin' through Mommy's things. My son just came in here as I blog, promising not to steal my tic tacs (a while ago he found 2 boxes of tictacs and quietly ate them all!). He slays me!

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Sheila said...

Thanks so much for your beautiful compliment... I have yet to master pattern writing... let alone being able to follow one…. so until then no but thanks again. I took a peeksy at Hot Knits…totally loving the sweaters... Love the color you have chosen for Kelly and like the empire waist styling... Can't wait to see the finished project. The Macrame belt is really pretty… it has a vintage look to it… Ohhh too funny you have a tic tac monster on your hands… lol.