Saturday, November 11, 2006

Stitches East...the pictures

Finally found that my computer bag!!!
Here is the Radisson Lord Baltimore, I will definitely stay there again. This time with the fam. It is only 2 blocks from the Convention Center!

The lobby and the room below!

I took a design sweater class and Beautiful Borders class with Melissa Leapman, they were fabulous. But I took another design class with Leslye Solomon that was even fabulouser! I had to run down to the market to make purchases at her booth after that class. I bought a finishing video, blocking wires and the book so I wouldn't forget the valuable information she taught!

I did also take a couple of classes with Fiona Ellis, another design class and a short rowing class. Though I was very disappointed with the design class, the short rowing was a great technique I wanted to learn. I don't think I will be going for another one of her classes.

I also scored a couple of door prizes at the Fashion show and Student Banquet...

Knitter's back pack and Maggie Jackson's book

In all it was every bit of the Baccanalian Feast I thought it would be. I spent way too much time at the Market perusing every single booth...sometimes twice. WEBS is my new favorite supplier...thanks Norma for the heads up! And now for the moment you've been waiting for the Booty!

I've already started working on this jacket! Berroco wool/acrylic. I'm hoping the acrylic will make this a washable I'm not testing the swatch. Maybe I should...

Don't have plans for this yarn, but I love the color. Debbie Bliss Dk Merino

Some Berroco Alpaca...for the boys

This very nice chocolate mohair chenille with a little bling.

Exhausted and weight down by the treasures, I was happy to get in my car and head out of Dodge! I heard there was a game in town, but left after everyone was shut up in the stadium. In 4 1/2 hrs I should be home hugging the family. Until...

bumper to bumper traffic in NJ! Aaarrghhh...I hate that state!!!!

Apparently there was a game there too! Then some idiot who decided that he was above sitting in traffic like everyone else, comes driving up the shoulder! Granted he was not the originator of the idea as there were gobs of other shoulder speeders! As you can probably guess he cut back in, in front of me and scraataach my bumper!

Yeah! then jumped out of his car and asked if I just ran into him??? I know! Could you die! When I kindly reminded him of the true events and he simmered down. Then I got out to take pictures, he said "I have a little scratch, I'm not worried about it" and got in his car and took off. Leaving my shoeless behind on the Turnpike with my mouth gaped open! Oh sure, now the traffic was moving! This is why when I go South, I take the loooong way through Pennsylvannia! STITCHES 2007, I'm taking Amtrak!