Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back to Real Life

Yup! back to the land of laundry, cleaning, scrubbing, cooking and other duties that befall the eh hem happy homemaker. Yes...there are still some of us around. No...it's not all meetings and lunches with company execs, but in this happy little domicile, I am CEO alongside the CFO! It's goooood being co-Boss!

I've made progress with my color block sweater. The back...is done.

Since the sleeves'll be solid maybe I'll do that before the front. The blocks were quite the bit of work. I not only had to make bobbins for the tan color but for all the bits of color in between...Yeah, it was like a science experiment with all those bobbins hanging down.

But wait! I've already moved on to...
Lace scarves...

Was never interested in these ethereal, laborious pieces of art. Just the thought of lace brought me to the old lady knitting in the rocking chair with dusty doillies all over the house image, we modern day knitters try so hard to shake. When I saw the coolness potential during the show at Stitches, I was bitten.

This is my third one.

I thought I could sell these alongside my knitting bags this weekend at the DCArts Show(In case you didn't get the hint that was another shameless plug from my webstore). Here is Number 2 is being blocked.

It's a regular factoria here in Casa de Knithouse!

Oh look at the time! Gotta go start some dinner before said CFO comes back from his paying job!

Don't these frying plantains look yummy!

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Sheila said...

Beautiful scarf... is that a knitting loom I see in the back...? yum yummmm plantains.