Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stitches East 2006

I can't believe how tired I still am from my weekend in Maryland! Granted I tried to fill every minute with classes and shopping but still. If I wasn't in a perpetual state of disorganization, I would be able to put my hands on the cable for my camera and download pictures of the new additions to my stash, but on another post. (yes I know it's a run on sentence...breathe when you must)

I left NY on Thursday and had a smooth sail on 95. I got to Baltimore at 1pm...I missed Opening Day with Kaffe Fassett and the luncheon. Miscommunication with the hotel employee sent me back to 95 and into a level of hysterics the likes of which I've never experienced. Finally! I find my way back to Baltimore and find the Radisson. By this time it was 2:45! I missed my Cable Ready class with Melissa Leapman, *sigh* if I haven't already said it a cabillion times, I love her designs...but I digress. I was greeted by the bright white smile of the African brothas working the valet. $25/dy! I wasn't crazy...and I was not going to cut into that yarn budget! I parked in the garage across the street for $10.00 less. The room was really nice, and the bed every bit as comfortable as I imagined. My euphoria however, was cut short by the memory of not valet parking and having to go down to get my crap from the parking garage across the street. In an effort to spare myself the angst of multiple trips in a city of growing shadows and even shadier characters, I carried everything! My laptop, suitcase, large bag of books and knitty things, my Bond machine and my Knitcase (cause I had to represent, ya know). With a few head nods to the aforementioned characters, I made it back up to the room without any harm to my person. HEY, it was unfamiliar territory, OK! More later...

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