Tuesday, April 26, 2011

That's it! All in the bowl!

Easter's over, now what do I do with you guys?

Halleluyah, halleluyah, Halle--luyah!

Really,guys? Halleluyah chorus?

Uh..um. Can't we just sort of hang out here?

Uh no. Who wants to be a deviled egg?

Psst..what about this guy?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get that one. Seize him!

pant, pant, pant...I'll just hide in here!

Uh, We think you're really pretty, just sayin'... Yeah, I'm head over heels, see...Is that a new top?

Ok, that's it! Egg salad it is!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, good ideas! I never know what to do with a bunch of boiled eggs, which is why we do plastic for Easter, lol. We just fill them with candy and call it a day.