Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Sewn Projects

Dress for Mom, using this pattern:

Fabric: Chocolate with yellow pinstripe rayon linen. Unfortunately the stripes didn't photograph well.
Pattern: had a lot of pieces and fun details like the loops on the button cuff and edgestitching on all the contrast. It took a about 8hrs to complete.
Verdict: I love the front. The baggy back doesn't work for me, but She loves it.

Shorts for Mocha

Used the shorts of this pattern but created bag pockets. Mochahantas has to have somewhere to put all her rocks. Really easy pattern, took a couple of hours.
Fabric: 1/2yd cotton/poly from Joann's
Patten: Really easy. Took a couple of hours with the bag pocket.
Verdict: Will be making a few of these!

Ties for the boys

Wanted to make those clip on ties but I couldn't find a source for the clips. The boys prefer the elastic anyway.
Fabric: Fat quarters in the discount bin @ Joann's ($.75 ea!)
Pattern: My own draft.
Verdict: They were quick and easy to put together...I will be making more!


Sheila said...

Your sewing machine is smoking and love everything.

Melissa said...

OOOOOO!!!! I'm calling you for funky Christmans ties! And Easter. And.....