Monday, October 06, 2008

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Sitting here trying to get my little bit of knittting on and I hear a blood curdlin' scream outside. It's Thing 1! Maybe a wolf got 'em? Yet there is no rushing up the deck steps, no crashing through the back screen door or yells for me to call 9-1-1. Maybe daddy is wrestling said wolf to the ground. I go to the kids' bedroom to investigate. Thing 1 in his usual histrionic fashion is having a fit, throwing his hands up and asking why, why, why in between screams! My DH holding Ms Diva in his usual calm demeanor, not addressing the situation. The screams start Thing 2 to screaming. At this point, my blood boils and I get hot, someone's getting a tightin' up!!!
Stomp, stomp, stomp...screeech, slam!
Thing 1, Thing 2 get in here!. Screaming immediately stops in the usual uh oh, she heard us fashion.
What is wrong with you!.
Sniffles to solicit mercy...Thing 1 dropped his Superman ring down the sewer, offers Thing 2. I'm so mad I could spit fireballs!
Spiderman ring?!?!?!?
but Jus
What did I tell you about screaming outside!
well I
Is this an emergency?.
well he
Go sit in time out now...and no dessert! Wails Don't make me come back there!.

DH comes up the walk with Ms Diva, just as cheery as she can be. I can get the ring if I had a wire hanger.. I don't have wire hangers. I think I have one in my trunk. Ms Diva and I go inside. I look at out the window and shake my head.
Are you crazy??? silence....

this is soooo going in the blog. Silence, I got it.

It was his first prize for doing well on his test, had to get it.

Ms Diva sits, oblivious to the whole thing.

Be blessed. BTW, I think they got dessert anyway, I'm such a softee!


Sheila said...

This post definitely elicted a hearty chuckle. Of course, my coworkers gave me that ummm what's up with her

Awww your DH is such a Superhero.

Virtuous said...

Yes your DH is definitely the superhero in this story! :oD

And OMG!!!! Ms. Diva looks likes a DOLL!!!!!!!!!

Auntie M said...

Having witnessed the screams before I can picture it all!
DH's Mother would be so PROUD!!

urbanknitrix said...

DYING over here!!! The tightin up part was too much!!!

Your husband definitely saved mommy from catching a case!!

Ms. Diva is too cute!!