Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yeah it's been happens

Though I have been uncharacteristically silent, knitting has been happening and so has life. I absolutely love Fall, the cool mornings and nights energize my soul. Fall always draws me to inner reflection, this year is no exception. Long walks, playing outside with the kids, well ok, sitting on the deck watching them play, reading. Yep, this is my fav time of year, which is probably why I was born early. I didn't want to miss it!

It has taken a while to get over the fact that my first born is in first grade. The plan was to homeschool the kids until high school. The past year was a difficult adjustment, but it became part of the daily routine. This school year, he so badly wanted to go school. I felt guilty for isolating him, and Grandma waved a big fat tuition check in our face. So off he went, Mom blubbering all the way! Now he hates it and I hate it! He's coloring squares and having Clifford books read to him! WTH! Over the summer he was doing addition and substraction 1-10, and reading short/long vowel words. *Sigh* So we continue to homeschool after he comes home from regular school. Welcome to motherhood, Guilt, you might as well pull up a chair and stay a while. Lesson learned!His birthday was yesterday...Happy Birthday, Moo! It was just like yesterday when you put your little eye in the door knob how you've grown!

We took the kids to the "big city" for the long weekend. We walked around aimlessly in the fashion district, while I pointed to all the places I worked. We visited walked by Parsons, home of Project Runway. I had visions of getting some shopping in, but it was not to, remember. We were mildly frantic about some place to eat because of last dining experience in Manhattan. Thankfully, we managed to find a decent pizza place on Broadway after which we headed off to the Hershey store. Huge disappointment. The coolest thing about that store is the link! It was nothing like it appeared to be in one of the Project Runway challenges. It felt like tiny hole in the wall. All I saw were Kisses and Hershey bars. Hello? Where are the Twizzlers? Thankfully, the M&M's store was across the street and it was a crackhead's delight. We were well pleased.

Ms Diva's baby dedication was this past weekend. There were more people there than our wedding, as my DH pointed out. I told him this was a taste, wait till her wedding! After days of running around getting stuff, mailing stuff, and checking stuff, it went of without a hitch. She was absolutely a peach, until a short outburst after the Amen, then she immediately fell asleep. Just like that.

To keep me sane amidst the frenzy of recent days, I've started a number of projects. Here's a little taste:

Be blessed.


Virtuous said...

Ooh you have been busy but doing really well! Glad to see all is blessed!

Sheila said...

Sending a Big Happy Birthday to your Precious Moo!

I love Fall and agree with you that it draws one to inner reflection.

I see your knitting is going strong.. what are you working on?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who can homeschool automatically impresses me because I can't do it! Hopefully school gets more challenging for the little one -- I'm sure that was a major adjustment.

I also love how the weather is finally changing.