Thursday, June 21, 2007

You know it's time to call it quits when...

You're yelling through a dismantled door knob to your 4 yr old to call Daddy!
In yet another one of my Lucy moments, I managed to get locked in my bathroom this morning. Call it tired, call it senioritis, call it the planets not lining up, call it whatever. High from the accomplishment of getting the kitchen floor done, I decided to change the bathroom door knob to a locking one. Seemed simple enough. I took off the old and put on the new, slammed the door shut then uh oh!

Let me set the scene.


-yeah mommy?

-Justin, can you turn the door knob for Mommy and push?

click, click, mmmhhhph, click, click...

-Mommy it's stuck.

-you have to push really hard, Mooo (I call him, Moooo)

his pitch now higher, Mommy, it's really stuck!

-it's ok, try again.

pitch is even higher and now the dogs are howling, Mommy why did you lock the door, how are you going to get out!

-Mooo don't cry just get the phone. Pull your knob out.
all I could see were the watering eyes peering into the hole.

-I got the phone mommy, voice wavering between sobs.
I tell him each number to press to call Daddy. I'm not sure if DH thought it was a joke or not but I definitely heard the his eyes roll.

-he's coming mommy. Now the little one is crying too, Mommy...mommy...mommy!

-don't cry NoNo, Mooo you want to see hear and wait with me?

-no..sob sob, cause I can't get in.

Maybe it was my heartbreaking because they were so upset or the prospect of listening to that concerto for another 45 minutes, but with much more force I managed to pull the door open. Thank goodness, DH was only just of the work campus!


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Sheila said...

I'm so sorry, but I literally just finish wiping tears from my eyes... Sorry again, but it was funny as all get out... but definitely felt sorry for you and your moo and glad that you were able to get out.