Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It did cross my mind....

This is my dog's hair. Just one stroke of the brush to her neck, yielded all of this soft downy hair! As my little one handed me the brush and I pulled the hair out, a thought ran across my mind as I tilted my head and let out an audible "hmmm..." My mind harkened back to a small ad in the back of a knitting magazine that was offering to clean, comb and spin your pet's hair. While I was initially repulsed by the thought, it didn't seem that bad when I laid my hands on that soft fur, that would be totally dyeable. Then a second thought, more work and I tossed it into the garbage.

The RUSTIFICATION of little No

We are all sick...again! Tis the season, I guess. Started with the little one, who is always affected the worst...poor thing!

Mommy why is it rusty right here?

'Cause we have to keep wiping your drippy nose. Go get the vitamin E.

I got the golden E, mom.

It'll be better tomorrow. kiss

"Good Hair"

That term is soooo obnoxious to me! As if the Lord made a mistake by freely distributing the kinks and naps that is so prevalent in our "group". Yet "being blessed with good hair" is so ingrained (bordering on obsession) in our culture that we don't even cringe at the sound of it. I've been natural for 2 years and have enjoyed stronger, longer hair. Yet in light of the 2 hour procedure that is my weekly routine, I would lub, lub, lub, to find a magic potion that would transform the following procedure to simply wash 'n wear!

Step1: Wash and deep condition (30 min)
Step2: Add protectant product, separate and braid into managable pieces (15 min)
Step3: Blow dry separate sections individually, add pressing creme & rebraid. (30 min)
Step4: Hot press each section, divide into smaller sections, twist and pin into place (45 min). Tie up for at least a coupla days, rest tired arms and avoid rain and humidity at all cost. Repeat procedure every 6 days!

Dear Lord, thank your this wonderfully textured hair, I will not complain. Please let me have a break in heaven with wash and wear. Amen.


Monique said...

Ok the dog hair just left me laughing. I know people do it, but I just get a kick out of it. Let's us know if you ever decide to spin and knit it.

Monique said...

Just want to add that I love your prayer. Amen to that!

Sheila said...

Sistah-friend I have 2 dogs and wouldn't even think about doing that.. yes its more

Aww, poor babies, I hope everyone is feelin' better and you're using the perfect remedy for rustification.

Please do not mention those words good hair. I was blessed with thick hair and a tender scalp, so as a youngun' (age 2) my mom would do the whole process of washing and braiding my hair til it dried and the next day - hot press each lil braid with a wop of grease and heat. Whereas, my sisters were totally spared, b/c the aunts would always say they had good hair. Up to this day I am as tender headed as ever, although my hair is relaxed, the hairstylist hates to see me coming

Virtuous said...

Oooh I hope everyone is feeling better! Poor baby!

And Gurl don't get me started on the whole "good hair" thing!

LOL @ your mini prayer!

Hope you are feeling good with the baby coming very soon!!!

NikkiJ said...

Rustification: I use antibiotic ointment, and it's always better the next day.

Hair: Style 1. Stop at step 2, and pull the individuals braid back into a bun (no matter how big or small. Style 2: Take the braids down mid week and wear it wavy (might last two days depending on how you sleep).

While wearing these two styles, do some research to find more natural styles you'd be happy with. Just a suggestion.

NikkiJ said...

At stitches west there was a whole booth weaving dog hair into yarn. I couldn't even get myself to walk over there. It seems so gross, but I'm intrigued.

Knitaholictoo said...

Yeah, gross was my first thought! LOL!

We're all feeling better...can't you here the extremely loud car noises! They are playing around my feet.