Monday, December 03, 2007

Wake up, Noah! Wake up! There's snow outside! I was awaken by the ecstatic screams of my Justin (5) on Sunday. This child has been praying for snow since July. Well he done did it now! He was all set to put his snow pants, boots and mittens on at an ungodly early hour (for a sunday morning). Tried to tell him it wasn't that deep but he didn't care. I now fully understand the lack of enthusiasm my parents had when the first snow came. But I was a trooper, my husband took 'em out. The Christmas program at church was cancelled, thank goodness, aaawwwwh! I was looking forward to watching Noah (3), the ham, do his thang!

Thank you, Stacey for inspiring to pull out the NORO and not only stroke and pet it, but to put on the needles and getta knitttin'! Here's where I'm at.

It is a short sleeve v'neck (sleeves depend on how much yarn I have left), my own pattern, done in the round. I didn't want striping problems at the side seams (it's the technical designer in me, grrrr). I'll figure out neckline later when I have to do each side separate (welcome any ideas). The cable pattern is Melissa Leapman's from Hot Knits. Gotta get some work done! Anyone find they could spend all day on Ravelry? Daggggg!


Sheila said...

That yarn looks scrumptious and the sweater is coming along nicely. I was totally surprised when DH told me to look outside - I was like what now! and surprised to see the snow.

Sereknitty said...

We had a huge dump of snow this weekend in southern British Columbia. Like your son, I've been eagerly awaiting our first snowfall and was doing a 'happy dance' when I pulled open the bedroom drapes! My husband (who was still sleeping at the time) was not so impressed :).

Your Noro yarn looks fab in your new sweater ... it was my fave yarn until recently when I discovered a newfound allergy to pure wool :P*****. I was so-o not impressed.

If you haven't yet had a 'taker' for your D.B. Nursery knits and are willing to ship to Canada, let me know!

Virtuous said...

LOL @ Noro nudge!! It looks beautiful!! I am lovin' the cable pattern work!

And how I so miss snow in the winter...well not that much! ;op Just on Christmas day would be nice! :o)

Lashell said...

Oh my god yes. Ravelry is so addictive. I sometimes find myself going to the same exacts screens over and over again. I can't wait to see your sweater when it is done.