Monday, December 24, 2007

Baby Talk & more

Ok, it's been a while. So much to do with appointments, rehearsals, just plain not feeling like blogging (ok, Ravelry has me hooked!). The boys' Xmas show is next week (it was reschedule because of the weather) and that will be it till Easter. Which is around the C-section time (day after Easter as matter of fact). Now I'm stressing about that! Someone at church had the grace to tell me her horrific story about her uterus rupturing during her 3rd pregnancy after 2 previous C/S! Sista was that an encouraging word??? Since, I seem to thrive on drama in my life, it was only natural for me to suck that negativity in!!! HOO boy! Please enjoy a word from our sponsors while I go find a happy place....
Serenity now...serenity now! Find happy place...find happy place.
Anywho, have an appointment this morning, I shall seek solace in hearing the heartbeat of the little one!

Baby Nu is pretty active nowadays. That previous belly shot has nothing on my current girth. I even got a sympathetic look from my choir director...

Sheila when is your due date?
March 24th.
Sympathetically sucking in wind and shaking his head, you are advertising very well.

It's only cause I'm short...the baby has nowhere to go but out, lol. I wish I had measured my belly from the previous pregnancies to compare, cause I'm in the 40+ inches now (from eh hem, 28"). I'm having a hard time getting comfortable at night and sleep is a wonderful luxury, when I can get through the night. I ain't complaining, though. Since I have PCOS, even conception was a miracle. I feel blessed and am in awe to be able to carry this last one (no, I mean it this time) after losing one last year. I love to feel her move and know that she's awww'ight!

Fait accompli!

Mes amies Canadiennes, help me out! I'm not sure if this is the appropriate use of this phrase, but the fact that this gingerbread house is finished is an accomplishment. Ooooowweee, these kids wanted to eat more than they would put on! Don't you just loooove the cars parked right next to the house! They slay me! I did notice a huge piece of the roof was missing the other day. mmmmHHHHMMmm! Nobody knows what happened to it. They were allowed to pick at after that. That sugar is really hard like cement! Good luck boys!

I've also picked up the needles again, Noro project is back on! I was able to to rip and finish a sweater for my eldest (though a tad humugous, how did that happen!), I even started one for my youngest. So normalcy is returning slowly but surely Chez moi!

No, this was not taken after a sip of eggnog. It does look like it's on fire, right? Have a blessed Christmas, y'all!


Virtuous said...

OOh you must show the finished Noro sweater! I would love to see it!

And keep thinking positive how it is a blessing to even carry another baby!

Merry Christmas!

Sheila said...

Happy Holidays.. and glad you picked up Noro again. That gingerbread house is deliciously beautiful. WoW 40+ circumference, but you know what its all