Friday, December 08, 2006

what is on the needle?

Between the holidaze and sick children, I have managed a few projects. Grandma is up for a few days and the boys looove it, but when they are sick only mom can fix it.

I had to put the sticks down for a little while to make a knitcase for a customer that just had to have this fabric, which by the by is totally totally sold out! Congratulations to all you owners of MachuPicchu. I had to dig deep as this fabric is no longer available. I guess it was a "festivus miracle"!

I'm still working on a sweater coat with the Berrocco Yarn I bought at Stitches. I'm 500 row in of 620 rows (Goodness I wish I was a fast as Nikki). THEN THE FUN BEGINS...

The hoodie my DH was so hot for was near completion. Pieces were blocked, the sleeves were set, but the hood seem a little small, so I have it on the needles to knit up from the neckline. I tried it on my DH and guess what... After all of that, the biceps are too tight. How did that happen? GRRRRRR! I was so sick, I just flung that bad boy into the UFO pile. Do I really have to frog it?


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