Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bah humbug!

I've been knitting my little fingers to the bone! Making these scarves for 4 of my son's teachers! There is the music teacher who comes on Fridays...I guess I'll make him a cable knit scarf...tomorrow is the holiday party for the little ones, so I'd better get cracking!

I made this pinata for the holiday party. Does it really matter what it is? It was a shape of a heart when I started but with the tissue layer it looks like a the Shaggy DA but I digress.

It's my first one ever! My little 2 YO was totally into it! He dipped the strips of paper and smooth them out like a pro...the 4 YO, well he is his mother's child -- bored in 2 secs. It didn't take him long to start swirling fistfulls of the strips and laying them all in one spot! Sigh...don't you just love 'em. I decided to spare myself the stress and layered on the tissue paper as they slumbered.

How many times have I walked up from the basement to ignore the calls of my friends in these pics. Countless! However when I saw myself in the family Christmas card...oh yeah it was that bad. By the by, that line drawing in the background, is not the scrawlings of the 4 YO. That, my friends, is the outline I made my DH make of myself, and I posted it next to my aforementioned friends as incentive. I didn't subject him or me to the humilation of a profile. That is why all that yummy candy in the candy stash is in the pinata! I started reading YOU on a diet by Mehmet Oz, very interesting read, though I could do with a less of the dorky humour every other word. Hey Mehmet, spare us the corny punchlines!!! Is that the crankies already?

Gotta get on that scarf for tomorrow.

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