Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fools

MMMMMmmmmm! Cupcakes!!!! Or is it?

It's really meatball "cupcakes" with Mashed potatoes on top. Hee hee....ssshhh!

Though the others descended on them, Mochahantas is not pleased with my antics.

I made up for it with this...

Chocolate pizza

Brownie with yummy toppings: marshmallow, caramel and M&Ms

Needless to say she was doin' the "chawkwit quaka" dance within minutes. Everything's right with the world again.

How was your day?


BarbaraG said...

You are making such fun memories for your kids!

Anonymous said...

I would've been mad, too, if I thought those were cupcakes and then tasted potato! LOL. Thank goodness you had chocolate pizza at the ready.