Saturday, June 13, 2009

Coming out of the closet

After see the many postings of stashes on Ravelry and gasping...
I decided to ... well come out. No way could it be as bad as those others.

The painful journey...

where did all this come from?
I still have this?
those are recycled yarn boxes, there isn't anymore.
didn't I give away 6 garbage bags on Freecycle?

so what...this coulda been beer bottles!
at least I'm home at nights!
who is this hurting!
why the #$#%^ is this tangle up?
Who left the window open? I don't want any freakin' moths in here!
what are you staring at?

Acceptance...(justification really)
some people collect stamps...I like things of a fibery content.
you can't make anything outta baseball cards.
this hobby gives and gives... when I pet it, and when I make something, and when I give it away, and...
isn't just so pretty.
honestly, there are worst things I could be doing.
i'm an artiste, this is my palette of inspiration.

What you have witness is only 1/3 of the madness I call my stash. Can I knit in therapy?


Melodye said...

No, you probaly can't knit in therapy, but, if you knit all that, you won't need therapy.

Sheila said...

OmGoodness!! now that is a stash.