Thursday, March 05, 2009

Walk This waaaay!

Ms Diva took two steps on her own! She's already got the basement steps down cold, with supervision, of course. The occasional dust bunny will stop her dead in her tracks for further investigation. Not bad, Ms Diva for 16 days away from your birthday.

All things knitterly are on hiatus for other pressing goings on. No doubt to resume soon. However, DH has suggested a road trip to MD in May. Thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? Ya-huh! MDSW! Yay! Anybody goin' give me a shout! Here are a coupla projects I hope to finish...on the road.


I used an alpaca/silk blend. After starting and ripping out 2x, I had to totally modify the pattern from the neck to armhole. Now, I'm down to the waist inc.


I used short rows on the USM. . I started off just converting stitches to rows and knitted 1/2 of the circle. I had a funky trapazoidial circe thing which wasn't going to work. After a little swig of some hot DD decaf, I dug deep into the cranium for that Pi R square formula thing. Radius, check, Circumference, check, stitches/in, check, rows/in, check. A few pecks at the calculator and I had my pattern. The sleeves are done, just have to put it together. The jacket here is unblocked.

Now give Mama a kiss!


urbanknitrix said...

Time goes by so fast! She is just the cutest!!!

You have been busy. Everything looks great, can't wait to see the pinwhell on her.

Sheila said...

Ms. Diva is down-right adorable and would make a beautiful commercial baby.

Luvin' all the pink and the pinwheel is gorgeous.

Virtuous said...

Ohmygosh!!! She has gotten SO Big!!!!! PRECIOUS!! :o)

And hope you guys are able to hit up MDSW!