Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Life as a Ravelympian - Pt II


Rough beginnings...

Just before the famed pulled "hami"of day 3:

Sometime after day 3

Havin' gotten over the first hurdle, I'm in my stockinette groove now. What's that up ahead???? A knot?!? Which one of you boys were in my knitting stuff? Whatda? Guys!!! You know you're not supposed to touch my things! Luckily, the slip up only costed 20 minutes, but still!

Day 8:

Pulling into the homestretch, I can hear the cheering in the distance. Hey Crimson! Whatda! I trip! I ran out of yarn! I've got 10 more rows to do! Seriously, I can't get anymore of this yarn. Oh, it's over. I crumble to the ground, watching the sneakers trek past. Some have stopped. GET UP! They cheer me on! GET UP, GET UP. I scrounge around for one more skein. I find a few yards in my bag, but not enough. In an obscure UFO container I find this...
bobbins rolled off for the previously frogged project the yarn was originally intended for. But will it be enough?

Commercial: you know you have boys when you find these little traffic jams all over the house.

Back to the program:

I reached 109 rows of the 110 I needed. I had to sub a totally different yarn for the last row and bind off. This part will be folded down and on the inside as it is the waistband. You can see the offensive color at the top of the piece on the right. Heading off to the Seaming curve ahead...see you at the finish line!


Sheila said...

I can't type properly... b/c I'm laughing over - Great post.

Virtuous said...

Ooh my goodness!!! That was so action packed and very suspenseful!!

GURL you made it work out!! :o) YAY!!