Monday, June 16, 2008

How do you immortalize your fav patterns?

We all know that the paper the pattern is printed on disinegrates with one or two uses like a mission impossible secret message. So, when I get a pattern that works such as this Simplicity 6891 pant (which is discontinued apparently), I know that I will want to cut it again and again. Alas, I discovered painter's paper on one of my many trips to LOWE'S. It's like paper bag paper only heavier. I tape the pattern to it, copy all important markings with my tracing wheel (makes dotted impression on the paper) and cut it out. Voila! Instead of folding and creasing the pattern when I'm done, I just hang the new pattern, the original and instructions on a pattern hook.


Finally finished Ms. Diva's sweater. It will fit her this fall. I love the bright colors, the back is purple. I used Manos del Uruguay cotton and my own basic pattern. I added mother of pearl buttons which will probably change if I can find more casual buttons.

Next project on the needles is the February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I started it a few weeks ago. It is pretty easy, but it was my first time really doing a lace pattern and I was forgetting YO's all over the place. I casted on 4 times one day! In my frustration, I hurt my wrists (ol' carpal tunnel acting up) so I had to put that sweater on time out for 1 1/2 weeks. Now, I've got it down to the sleeves, I've just about completed one and am heading to the other. I was inspired by BROOKLYN TWEED! Ain't his stuff phenomenal!!!

Anywho gotta go...time to make the donuts. Be blessed!


Virtuous said...

Cute sweater!! I plan to do the BSJ soon! ;o)

Anonymous said...

That sweater is too cute. I love the different colors; that's perfect for a little girl.

Sheila said...

Thanks for the tip on saving tnt patterns. Your daugher is going to be a knit Brooklyn Tweed is awesome.