Monday, September 24, 2007

I did fall off the planet...sort of

Where have I been, you ask? For about six weeks (which really seemed like an eternity, really) I've been layin' on my couch in the fetal position prayin' to Jesus to feel better! Let me 'splain. In the middle of the great Ant Crusade, I made the astonishing discovery...

a picture is worth a thousand words!

Couldn't not believe it, myself! I had to test 3 times every coupla days to confirm. The last one had two lines as if to say alright already! It wasn't the shock that laid me out but the unrelenting weeks of ALL DAY SICKNESS (morning sickess to the nth degree!) the likes of which I never suffered with my boys. Not only was I nauseated all day, but extremely tired. I was sleeping every 4 hrs for 4 hrs. Yeah, do the math! In the middle of the night I'd be wide-eyed. Y'all even the thought of knitting made me want to ralf!
Poor kiddies! While one raised an eyelid, the other peer in to see if I was still in there,
Mom is your belly still sick? but I could only manage a grunt. Hopefully, they won't suffer any nutritional deficiencies from eating grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwiches for that 6wk period! While all is not 100%, I feel well enough to do this post and to get some things done. Now I'm vascillating between Count Crankula and Whiny Wimp.

I really popped out! I've been looking for maternity pants but for goodness sakes! Will they get rid of the cropped pants already! I'm only 5'2", I don't need to make my legs look any stubbier! And let's not even go to how bad the fit is! All the pants have horrible rise issues among other things. I noticed an ad in WWD, Motherhood Maternity (Mimi maternity, Pea in the Pod, etc, same company) is looking for a technical designer. No duh! They need it! Hopefully, the fit model is actually pregnant and not just wearing the prego belly!
So you know I did what I had to do! Alter some patterns and start digging in fabric stash! Here is one so far.

By the by, the whole house thing is a bust. After inspection, we decided not to by the house and spent almost every day (sick and everything) looking for another. But to no avail! Either the house was in bad shape or we our offer was outbid. So we are staying here and starting over next spring, well maybe next summer. Baby is due early spring.


NikkiJ said...

Congratulations! During those first few weeks my son lived on Marie Callender's Pot pies, frozen pizza, etc. Stuff I didn't have to interact with too much for fear of... you know. He didn't mind.

Is there a Target in your area? You can probably find a whole maternity outfit on the clearance rack for $20.

Sheila said...

Congratulations!!!!. Hopefully, the morning sickness will end shortly and you'll be able to resume the daily fun.

Knitaholictoo said...

Thank you, ladies for the encouragement! Nik I will be stopping by Target. Earlier they still had summer stuff out. Have a great day!

urbanknitrix said...

CONGRATS!!!! I can't say I understand, I didn't get the morning sickness, but my gfriend had it every single day for the whole 9 months. not a good luck.

Knitaholictoo said...

Thank goodness I'm starting to "feel" the light at the end of the tunnel! I was afraid of being sick the whole 9!