Monday, July 09, 2007

Buyers market???

So that's what I've been told over and over. "There's so much out there", "It truly is a buyer's market". Why are there so many funky houses? If only there was smellivision so that you too can truly experience the odorous backhands that greet you as if you were an unannounced and unwelcomed intruder. Oh yeah...clean your house people! Daaag!

Steady now, deep inhale....ah pa-ra-dee (paradise, as the french would say)
You don't miss the water till the well runs dry! Ain't that the truth! I'm gonna miss you! So the hunt continues!
Our house inspection went ok on Saturday. They mentioned something about ants...some people are so picky about pets! Sheesh we weren't going to charge them for it! Seriously they will be fried by our friend Terminex. Sorry animal lovers, but I wouldn't want them either! I must concede...I frogged my top! I know, I know. I tried it on and it looked great...for the boudoir! Yes y'all, it was looking like a ho dee ho ho top! That'd be ok if I was a street walker, but who'd feed the kids in the morning! No, it had to go, so I've put the yarn aside for now.

This is what I'm working on from Fitted Knits. I spaced dyed the cotton yarn so it has a denim feel to it. This is the back so far.

While Daddy has the boys, I will spend my "me time" getting boxes to pack so more. Adeiu!


Kamika said...

Your Perfect Periwinkle is coming along nicely. Have you joined the Fitted Knits KAL?

Sheila said...

Great color.. I need to get that book.. looking forward to the FO.