Sunday, June 03, 2007

Stitch N Pitch

What better way for a husband and wife (and 2 boys) to spend time together doing the things they love! Baseball, yelling and knitting! Where is that genius that thought of that? Where is she? Where is she? High five up top Sistah, 'cause I'm goin' to Philly. I am also making a creation for the contest. It's going to be a hot Phillies inspired top! Hmmm... I've got till the end of the month... better get cracking. Well there's been no knitting of any kind going on (can't say that my fingers haven't been itchin' either). I packed up everything in anticipation of an open house and moving. However, after looking at the dogs our money could afford, we decided that this was indeed a palace and the fresh coats of paint affirmed it. So now I've got to put the room back together tout'd suite, if I'm going to get my contest garment done. Now if only I can find my digital cam cable...hmm. Will post pix later.


Sheila said...

Can't wait to see your Phillies inspired top... have major league fun at Stitch n' Pitch.

Anonymous said...

Sheila, It's Jaime Guthals with the No Sheep Secret Pal Swap here. I'm trying to contact you to confirm that you have received your pal assignment. All my emails to you keep bouncing back. Could you write me at JaimeG (AT) Interweave (DOT) com? Thanks.