Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ok, I'm back!

It's been a few days but of course as I write a new "emergency" arises! They must know when I'm doing "something for me right now". Anywho...I've managed to complete the front on my son's vest and put it together to do the neckline. I still have the armholes and side seams to do. After struggling forever with the KP1 and the single strand, I decided to double the strand and use a larger KP. I used LionBrand worsted, which should have been fine with the KP! but I had to keep the work 1/4" away from the bed, some of the stitches wouldn't knit, so I've got a call into Bond America to see about getting a new KP, cause I can't just knit chunky!

Poor ole hubby! The hoodie pullover is still awaiting the missing parts. I already started something else. A cable knit messenger bag, only 80 more rows to go! I've got to do something about this attention span!

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