Monday, September 18, 2006

Knit Out NY

I didn't believe it was going to warm up but boy did it! Oooooweee! I dragged my DH and the 2 little ones down to the big City! My boys had only read about subways in their books, though they were no strangers to Metro North. Their big saucer eyes accompanied big toothy grins as they went down underground to ride the very crowded subway. I was impressed by how clean the train was. Back in the day when I rode the no 4 (when it was only 75 cents, eh hem), it was raggedy. While the boys and hubby played in the park, I was free to roam about the booths at will. I picked up a few freebie patterns while squeezing in the overly eager crowd as they grabbed at whatever was being given away. I drew the line at the Clover booth,though. They were giving away wooden needles but that line was way too long, besides how many size 13s do I need. I came in while the fashion show was in full swing. Unfortunately, I was only able to snap a few pictures as my arms were full and I didn't want to be too distracted. Most of the shots were of people's head as they stepped in just before the shutter snapped. One day, I discover some advantages of being 5'2". I did catch a couple, knitting celebs.
Stephanie McPhee of Yarn Harlot fame emcee'd the fashion show.

Then there was the effervescent Lily Chin, on a butt break...sorry Lily. You're dress is smokin', pardon the pun. I would love to do a sleeveless version (note to self...sleeveless version for Stitches East)

I was thrilled to see all the work Harlem Knitting Club exhibited at their crochet fashion show. That coat was fierce!!! Sahara, where were you? I even tried your phone...vibrate, girl vibrate!

Then there were the ladies putting all the donated squares together for the charity afgan project, in the sun! Hats off to you ladies. Knitting squares was a piece of cake in the coolness of my living room.

All in all it was great. I would definetely go down next year. Perhaps sans the children. Just when I was getting into the crab stitch I just learn for the neckline of this top, they all were staring at me with those, "I want to go home now eyes", hubby included. Sigh...

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